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Managing director: Zoltán Csőregh
Phone: +36 30 2003 444    E-mail: zoltan.csoregh@premierbus.hu

Our Managing Director is supervising over all daily operations. He supports the work of the coordinators, since he is solicitous about the excellent and safe transport of the children. He knows almost all the children and addresses.

School bus coordination: Rachel Stegelmayer
Phone: +36 30 200 3888    E-mail: schoolbus@premierbus.hu

Our School bus Coordinator is responsible of the daily transportation for the children from home to school and back. Please contact her regarding any questions about applications, changes etc. Thanks to her particular work, all parents can be sure that their children are under safe and proper planning and organisation.

Transportation of groups: Marsi Zoltán
Phone: +36 30 6970 639        E-mail: transport@premierbus.hu

Our Coordinator is responsible to organize transportation for of all groups, teams, school trips, sport events or even business events. Please contact him in email or phone regarding any trip requests.

Finance: Futóné Brand Katalin
Phone: +36 70 622 8662       E-mail: finance@premierbus.hu

Our Finance Assistant is responsible of all invoicing and accounting. Please contact her regarding and questions about payments.