General Terms and Conditions

Első Iskolabusz Kft.

Present General Terms and Conditions apply for the services provided by Első Iskolabusz Kft (address: 1025 Budapest, Kapy u. 13., registration No. 01-09-067455, tax No. 10359611-2-41) (hereafter „Premier”), in case of using the following types of school bus service provided in Budapest or in its agglomeration: Door-to-door service and Shuttle (navette) service, servicing schools and kindergartens (hereafter School) and the students of these institutions.

General Terms and Conditions of the school bus service applicable both for the door-to-door and the Shuttle (Navette) service:

Term of the service:

The school bus service is operated on the days given in the School calendar.

-Fees are based on annual pass system: the student is signed up for one school year. 

-Daily fee system: The school bus service can be used for shorter periods, even for just one day, only if there are free seats on the given bus.


In the morning the buses arrive to the School at the time given by the School, the morning pick up times are set accordingly.
In the afternoon the buses leave the school depending on the teaching schedule and dismissal times of the school, set in cooperation with the direction of the School. If there are more than one afternoon departure times, the student will be transported at the time indicated in the application form. Pick up times can differ on the various days of the week.
Premier does not take any responsibility for the transportation of the students being late for the bus, neither in the morning nor in the afternoon. Premier makes every effort to keep the timetable, but as the school bus service is highly affected by the traffic, road and weather conditions, the timetable cannot be guaranteed. Knowing the road and traffic conditions, the bus driver may decide that he is unable to reach a particular address. In such a case, the coordinator will contact the parents/contact person about the temporary pick-up/drop off point.


It is possible to use the service either both ways or mornings/afternoons only, and it is possible to use different bus stops in the morning and in the afternoon, or on different days of the week, but only on a weekly basis fixed in advance. It is only possible to modify the service in the beginning of the next trimester or semester.


The buses operated by Premier are air conditioned and are equipped with seat belts. The bus drivers are experienced drivers, with clean driving record. Premier reserves the right to change the driver of a given bus and to have different driver for the morning and the afternoon transport on a given route.

Safety rules:

  • In the mornings primary school and kindergarten students must wait for the bus accompanied by an adult.
  • In the afternoons students are only allowed to get off the bus if a parent or guardian indicated on the application form is receiving them, unless the parent who orders the service disclaims of this on the application form.
  • Only the driver may open and close the doors.
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times when bus is in motion.
  • No drinking or eating while on the bus.
  • No throwing objects out the windows.
  • No leaning out the windows.
  • No littering, no damage to the vehicle.
  • Dirty schoolbags must be kept off the seats.
  • No weapons of any form on board.
  • Disciplined behaviour is expected while on the bus: no swearing, shouting, or fighting will be tolerated.
  • Children with head lice are not allowed to use the bus, if that happens Premier charges for a cleaning cost of HUF15.000.
  • Driver has the right to change the seating plan for safety reasons.
If the student’s behaviour does not comply with the above safety rules, the student will be given a written notice, next time can be suspended either temporarily or permanently from the use of the service.
The student or family must take full responsibility and compensate Premier for any damages caused to the bus.
The passenger will be charged for cleaning cost caused by him.
Premier takes no responsibility for objects left on the bus.
Premier has liability insurance.


Online application from www.premierbus.hu website.
Filling in and sending the application form to Premier is not yet binding upon the school bus provider. Only sending a confirmation to the client by e-mail makes it binding on Premier to provide school bus service.
The bus can be used only by registered passengers. Fare dodgers have to pay a penalty of HUF 15,000.


Premier sets the transportation fees for the next school year in spring every year. Premier has the right to raise its prices if the fuel price increase or the vehicular transportation price index published by the Hungarian Statistical Institute is more than 10% both compared to them available in the publication date.
The 2023/24 school bus fees were calculated on the basis of HUF 580,- price of 1-liter diesel oil. Every HUF 10,- raise of 1 litre of diesel oil’s price will result in a daily HUF 7,5 + VAT increase in school bus fees for each child traveling by school buses. The difference by the Indexation will be calculated on the occasion of issuing the invoice for each Trimester’s transportation.
The 2023/24 school bus fees were calculated on the basis of the official EUR/HUF exchange rate of 380 HUF. Premier will charge the amount corrected by the actual official exchange rate on the date of issuing the invoice.


Invoices are to be paid by cash in Premier’s office or by bank transfer on an annual, semester or trimester basis, as indicated on the application form. The student can start using the service only if the payment is made. Those who buy a pass have to pay a registration fee. There is no registration fee for the students who had a pass in the previous school year.


A refund of the transportation fee will be given only if the student quits school during the school year. In case of change of address, Premier is not obliged to continue the service, although a prorated refund is possible based on individual consideration.

In case of force majeure, - forced school closure - the entire fee must be paid in advance, just like in case of regular service. A refund of 50% of the fee can be required (applicable by the end of the school year) for those days when the serice was not offered.

Special terms of the door-to-door service:

Students are picked up in the morning from their house and are driven to the school. In the afternoons they are taken home, or to any other location that is settled by the parent in advance at the application.
In order to keep the travel time as low as possible, service is given by vans seating 7-20 children. Route planning-the order of addresses-is taking into consideration all the different factors. The exact route is not fixed; it is determined by the bus driver in the knowledge of current passengers, traffic conditions and the suggestions of the school bus coordinator.

Special terms of the Shuttle (Navette) service:

Students using the Shuttle (Navette) service are picked up and dropped off at designated points. The list of the bus stops is included in the yearly price list. Most of the buses serve more than one bus stop, but for security reasons the exact routes, the timetables and the bus types are not disclosed.
Only those bus stops will operate in the given year which were required by at least 8 students at the same time.
In case a passenger miss the scheduled bus Premier doesn’t refund the service. In case parents signed at the application that they are waiting for the children at the bus stop at arrival, they must make sure that the driver or guardian notices that they take their children. In case a parent or guardian are not at the drop off place on time, the bus take the children back to the school or to the next stop or to the last stop.