IMPORTANT: Első Iskolabusz Kft will no longer provide school buses to the French School from the school year 2023-2024. However, we are pleased to announce that the reliable company Laster Kft will take over the school bus service. Applications can be submitted here from 7 July at 6.00p.m.
New contact details: schoolbus.lasterkft@gmail.com

We offer 3 options of school bus transportations: we have a "Door to door" service and a shuttle-type "Premium Navette" and Navette" service with designated pick-up and drop-off points.

Both services offer:

  • It is possible to use the service either both ways or mornings/afternoons only.
  • Our school bus coordinator (speaking French, English and Hungarian) is available on mobile phone, giving assistance in all practical issues.
  • In the mornings buses arrive to school at 7:50 a.m.
  • Dedicated school personnel assist children at departure in the afternoons.
  • The drivers are experienced with a spotless bus driving record.
  • Tracking system for parents to follow real time their child's school bus journey through mobile or other devices.
  • Safety Handbook     General Terms and Conditions
  • Price list 2023/24 Navette/Navette Premium      Price list 2023/24 Door to Door
  • Information 2023/24

Door to door service

Children are picked up from their house and are driven to the school. In the afternoons they are taken home, or to any other other location that is settled by the parent in advance (e.g.: sports or other after school activities). In the afternoons buses leave school campus at 3:45p.m. and 4:45p.m.  It is possible to use different bus stops in the morning and in the afternoon, or on the different days of the week. 


Premium Navette

A flexible Shuttle service, where It is possible to use different bus stops in the morning and in the afternoon or on the different days of the week, fixed in advance in the beginning of the school year.

A bus stop can be in use if there is no 8 children who apply, even a new stop can be added, if it is in the way of the school bus. Afternoon departures: 3.45 p.m. and 4.45 p.m. Children can take the bus to Shuttle points (depending on applicants) Pasaréti tér; Budagyöngye; Széna tér. 7-17 or 45 seater buses, depending on stop or departure times. Changes during the year are allowed, if the request is manageable. Occasionally a friend or parent can join the school bus, in case of free seats - for extra charge. 


Children are picked up and dropped off at designated points. Only the bus stops required by at least 8 students at the same time will operate. The most popular bus stops are Széll Kálmán tér, Budagyöngye, Kapy u/Törökvész u roundabout, Oktogon, Jászai Mari tér. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays afternoon buses leave at 3:45p.m. from the school.

Shuttle/Navette (planned) bus stops