School bus service

We organize the school bus service with attention to the special needs of each school we work with. Understanding the demand we can decide the best type of service: shuttle or a door-to-door service or a combination of the two. We carry the students of the French School of Budapest, Happy Kids International Kindergarten and the English Learning Center.

The size of the vehicles chosen will also depend on the school?s location and the areas where the families live. The goal is to keep the travel lime as low as possible even under special conditions of the Buda Hills. By this consideration our door-to-door buses are relatively small, seating 7-20 students, while our shuttle buses might seat as much as 58 students within a route.

Transporting classes or other groups of children

A growing number of institutions use our buses to take kids to various activities during the school-day. They go swimming, skating, ballet dancing on a weekly basis, while they visit the zoo, museums, theatres and many special events on an occasional basis.

When classes decide to make long domestic or international trips, we provide bigger, tourist class buses, even on a luxury standard, if required.

Summer camps

Our partner schools and kindergartens organize Summer camps. We assist them with providing either shuttle or door-to-door transportation to and from the camp. During the Summer of 2014 our major task was the daily bus service of the Summer camp of Budapest?s 11th district through 8 weeks, carrying over 500 children every time. Several other camps, including swimming schools camps, also keep us busy during the Summer.

Office shuttles

We carry office workers with 3 identical Mercedes Sprinter minibuses to Dorottya Udvar, an office building located in the 11th district of Budapest.

Various other transportation services

We are well prepared to handle the transportation needs of movie productions, tourist groups travelling within or outside Hungary or bands on concert tours. We are proud to have some drivers with a good knowledge of English, they often are the keys to a successful voyage.