What happens if the child is late from the bus in the morning?

The buses leave the bus stops on a schedule, therefore they cannot and will not wait for those who are late. If a child is late from the bus, the family shall manage him/her to get to the school.

Can it happen, and what should be done if the bus does not arrive to the bus stop in time in the morning?

While every effort is made to keep the scheduled times, the bus service is subject to traffic conditions, and therefore the times can?t be guarantied, unforeseen circumstances (roadblocks, accidents etc.) can delay the buses. Should the bus be late on any given day, please be patient and wait with your child in the bus stop until the bus arrives. In case of significant delays (more than 5 minutes), the school bus coordinator can give you information about the expected arrival time of the bus.

How do the kids get to the afternoon buses and how do they find the right bus?

Kindergarten and Primary students are accompanied to the buses by the school personnel, the other students go there unassisted. A dedicated person of the school and the bus drivers help the children find the right bus.

What happens if the child does not show up at the departure of the afternoon bus?

Buses leave from the school on schedule.There might be several reasons why a child does not show up at the bus: the child is ill and did not go to school or was taken home earlier, one of the parents picked up the child exceptionally from school by car, the child left earlier or will leave later due to an unexpected change in the timetable, etc. In case the parents did not inform us about the change of schedule previously, it is usually not feasible for the drivers to find out at the scheduled departure of the buses the reason why the child did not show up.

Where and when the information about any changes in schedule or in other datas should be sent?

Please inform us about every change in schedule or in other datas in an e-mail sent to schoolbus@premierbus.hu. Please also inform the school about the changes.

If the change of schedule is on the day of the notice, besides sending an e-mail, please also inform the school bus coordinator by phone (or SMS)

Is the child allowed to take a bus leaving earlier or later than the bus indicated previously by the parent?

No, after the beginning of the school year – when final schedule is settled - the children are not allowed to take another bus than scheduled nor get off at different bus stops. 

What happens if the parent is late in the afternoon from receiving the child in the bus stop?

The school bus coordinator must be informed immediately when the parent realises that he/she will not be there in time to receive the child at the bus stop. If the school bus coordinator was not informed about this, she will try to contact the parent as soon as the driver informs her that no one is waiting for the child. The school bus coordinator will inform the parents about the possible solutions, depending on the circumstances. In case on a minor, 2-3 minutes delay, the bus might wait for the parent in the bus stop, in case of a longer delay the following solutions can be carried out: the parent picks up the child in another bus stop, the bus takes the child back to the school and the child either takes a later bus or will be picked up at the school by he parent.

Is there a nurse or teacher supervising the kids on the buses?

There is a supervisor only on the buses where are more than 40 children travelling on board.